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The past few months have been extremely volatile for Instagram as they have repeatedly announced substantial changes, policy revisions and developer updates. Some of the most recent announcements happening last month alone include Instagram Post Scheduling and carousel ads for Instagram Stories.

In the last year, users have seen a new type mode, polls in stories, saving stories and following hashtags. But the news that’s not publicly announced is the most intriguing and it has everything to do with the backbone of the Instagram platform — banned hashtags.

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In the fast-paced world of SEO, there are plenty of new tricks and tools to discover. Local SEO is a fairly recent advancement and is currently, along with secure and mobile search, a primary focus for the Google Search team. How local search works, looks and is curated has changed many times since 2011. Then again, there’s speculation that Google makes a handful of minor updates to the Search mechanism every day.

Don’t get discouraged and definitely don’t get lost! Most of what we’re going to discuss next can be done by anyone with internet access, a phone or PC and the willingness to boost their business.

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Your marketing tools should be as 2018 as your marketing plan. Only by using the best tools will you be able to adjust to the quick changes that can happen to Internet Marketing. Here are five of the best marketing tools to get onboard with, and why they can change your marketing strategies!

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