Creative Dreaming

Sleep studies have shown that the more sleep you get, the more creative you’ll be throughout the day. But what about dreaming? If I have an elaborate dream, is that a sign of creativity? If I’m an artist, am I more likely to create when I awake from a dream I can recall, as opposed to waking and being unable to remember my dreams?

The answer to both of these questions is yes.

Creators across time have often referenced dreams when describing their process. A famous example is the artist Salvador Dali. If he was experiencing a “block,” he’d purposely fall asleep with a spoon in his hand. When he dozed, his body would relax, drop the spoon, and make a noise which promptly woke him. Upon waking, he was inspired by his small dream sequences to create art. Most of the paintings created by Dali were inspired in this way. Continue reading…

Graphic Design vs Compelling Copy Writing

Recently, I have had many discussions with web development clients about the value of the written copy for their website.  It seems that everyone can understand the value in solid programming, aesthetic design is also a no-brainer for most, but many believe that the written copy on their site should almost be an afterthought.  I commonly hear things like “just leave it with placeholder text and I’ll fill it in afterwards”, or something along the lines of 1/10th the design budget.  I think the driving factor for this perception is that language is viewed more as a common skill then artwork.  Although this is likely at least partially true, writing flawlessly and persuasively within a very limited space, is a skill that requires close attention.

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Opening a Business Comic

Are you one of those people who are driven to do something more with your life?  You work too hard for too little and know that your skills are worth more.  You wake up early in the morning or have trouble getting to sleep at night.  The very thought of going into work the next day just makes your stomach churn as you know it’s going to be the same tasks with the same results indefinitely.

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