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Your company succeeds based on the productivity of your employees, but what happens when this starts to drop? It’s an inevitability if managers don’t consider how the employees feel about their work. It’s a simple fact that the manager that does work to make employees feel engaged will increase productivity and boost morale.

Here are five ways to help your employees feel more engaged, boosting productivity and helping your business take off!

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Do you ever visit a website and wonder how all the little aspects work? Widgets are applications that are embedded into the body of the website. Widgets can be clocks, video players, contact forms, slideshows, currency converters, subscription systems, point systems, search bars and much more! Anyone can install widgets on their website and almost anything is possible! So which ones should you try?

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Email marketing can do wonders for your small business. It lets you focus direct messages on certain people who have left their email with you, attract them with deals, and make repeat customers out of those who have done business with you before. But with anything in marketing, if it works really well, it can work really poorly, too.

Don’t waste money on a bad campaign! When setting up email marketing for your business, make it the best it can be by avoiding these common mistakes.

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